A Mom Hack… Because Why Not

So, this completely deviates from my normal posts but I feel like I stumbled upon a really great idea and wanted to share it. 

Solar Powered Nightlights! If you have a little one you have probably gone through the being afraid of the dark difficulties. I know we did. My little girl really wanted a nightlight but she would also wake more during the night with one. We couldn’t seem to figure out a good solution until…

One day I was at a ladies retreat and we were given inexpensive solar powered yard lights to remind us to charge in God’s light and then shine in the darkness. I noticed that since it was a dollar store light it only lasted 2-4 hours after it has charged. A lightbulb went off in my head! That is the perfect amount of time for a little one to fall asleep and get into deep sleep! After removing the ground stake we charged it up and tried it in my little girls room and it worked perfectly!

We simply charge it in the window during the day and put it on her bedside table at night. (We actually have two so one can always be charging while the other is in use… it may be because I kept forgetting to charge it.)

I hope this mom hack will be useful. You can ways look at this idea as something being repurposed for a greater use than just being in my yard… it’s bringing comfort to my child instead. See, it all ties in!

Let me know if you try it at your house!



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