40 Day Confirmation

I am coming to the end of a fast, a 40-day fast, which is by far the longest fast I have ever been a part of. During the beginning days of the fast I felt like I was able to hear God more clearly than ever. I would be talking with someone and God would direct the conversations in amazing ways. Then, as the days wore on and life became complicated with summer time activities I felt like I was just surviving again. I kept waiting for the big ah-ha that was going to come from the fast and my time with God. I kept waiting for the clouds to part and for God’s glory to blind me and to hear exactly what the purpose of this time was.

However, in the end, on this very last day, as I was musing and praying about the last 39 days I think I heard it whispered in my heart. Not surprisingly it is the same thing that God has been whispering to me for the last 3 years.

Live simply.

Through the reduction of lifestyle, things, activities, clutter, God has been showing me that much more waits for me. I am learning that when I simplify I receive the ability to walk in a way that is pleasing to Him and to be available when He calls me. Food tends to be a weak spot in my life as it is the place that I run to when I am emotional. That escape was taken away for the last 39 days and instead it was replaced with going to God. I won’t tell you that I always got that right, in fact, probably more often than not I didn’t. But taking my crutch away showed me just how much I relied on food to pacify my heart. Giving that role back to God will take more than 40 days but it is something that I have tasted and I know it is worth the effort.

I also saw that by living with simple food choices my life was released from one more “pressure”. Sure, food doesn’t seem like a pressure but I believe for me it is. Instead of being so wrapped up in what I can receive that will please me, food just became food. Not something to satisfy my emotional or mental longings, instead it was simply sustenance to get me to the next day.

I’ve realized I am thankful the message I received at the end of all of this is the same as the one  He has been teaching me all along. I know it means that I have more to learn but it also confirms that I am on the right path.

Are you on the same journey? How do you choose to live simply? I would love to walk this road with you.


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